Tuesday, December 28, 2010

(What's Supposed to Be) The Monday Morning Review

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was truly magical. I know I sound like a broken record, but I am so, so blessed.

I'll start with the basketball game last Tuesday. Carolina took on William & Mary in the Dean Dome. We won pretty soundly and my brother and I got to enjoy the awesome lower level seats. I've been so fortunate to go to many basketball games in the Dean Dome throughout my life and even more fortunate to have had season tickets since I was about sixteen - there is nothing better than Carolina basketball, even from the top row of the upper deck. That being said, lower level seats are pretty amazing. You can hear what the players are saying and see their sweat drip down their faces - too much for some I'm sure, perfect for me.

Christmas Eve was wonderful. While I miss my grandmother and Christmases in South Carolina dearly, nothing beats Christmas Eve at home with mom. We get on our pjs, drink apple wine (well, drink a sip because it's really sweet and disgusting before switching to regular wine, but we have to do it for Dolly) and make only our favorite parts of Christmas dinner - turkey, gravy, dressing and mac & cheese. Mom makes the most incredible homemade cornbread dressing and my macaroni and cheese is pretty delicious, if I do say so myself. We had a fabulous night and all three of us (Mom, Tuck  [my 11-year-old puppy] and I) fell asleep in her bed watching tv.


Apple wine! YUCK! But a tradition!

You can't use pre-shredded cheese for good mac and cheese!


When I woke up Christmas day Mom and I opened presents. She, as always, was way too generous! She starts shopping so early and ends up getting more than she knows! I then went to my dad's and had a great time opening presents with them. After presents, we headed to my grandparents for more food, fun and family. It was all so much fun.

Another short week this week as I am headed off to Nashville tomorrow for the Music City Bowl. I am so excited! More to come on that later...

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