Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ATL Review

I got down to Atlanta about 6:00 Friday evening after perhaps the most fun plane ride ever. I was seated near about six other Carolina fans. All we did was talk football the whole time and one man treated us all to beers that we happily cheered to our football team. After arriving, I had to manage the beast that is the Marta, but I managed (I managed... after asking a woman who offered to drive me in her car and then told me she could tell I was from a small town and not to talk to strangers on the Marta. Okay, Raleigh may not be Atlanta, but it's not like I haven't traveled around the world... but I digress). Anyway, I found my family and we went to an amazing dinner at Canoe! So delicious! When we got back to the hotel and were getting off the elevator, we overheard a woman say, "I rode on the elevator with them! They've been cleared!" That is how we found out Bruce and Quan were cleared for the next day's game and we did a little happy dance in the middle of the 8th floor of the Renaissance Waverly.

The next day we got dressed in our game day attire and took the Rams Clubs bus down to the area near the GA Dome. We then went to the Peasant Bistro and had a lovely "tailgate" of wine, frites, gourmet grilled cheeses, steak, beer, prosecco... It was lovely :) After our lunch, we headed to the Fan Zone where the Heels were going to do a version of the Old Well Walk. Our team finally came out and so many were missing... like more than were supposed to be missing. We were so nervous!

We headed to the GA dome and watched warmups. Lis and I had some wine and Daddy had some beer. We never ate anything because, well, I know this doesn't seem possible (and I didn't believe it was until Saturday), the GA dome has worse/less food than Kenan. Daddy sat next to Anoop Desai which was exciting for my American Idol crazed family.

We started out the game well and were leading 10-7 in the second quarter. Then Lis and I went to the bathroom and to get more wine. Kiss of death. At half time the score was 30-10 and everyone had counted us out. In the fourth quarter we made the most incredible comeback lead by this week's passing leader in all of football, this week's ACC offensive back of the week, none other than TJ Yates. We had a chance to win it with two last plays, but couldn't complete. We lost 30-24, but I have never been more proud of a Carolina team. Way to do it Heels! :)

We ended up heading back to Raleigh a day early because of this crazy festival taking over our hotel called DragonCon. On the way back we found out that John Blake resigned... not a good thing. Will keep y'all updated over the next few days.

Lovelovelove and thank GOODNESS it's football season! :)

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