Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Review

Well, there isn't too much to review sports-wise as my Heels had a bye week. Which, normally, would have made me very depo because I just got back into football season, but since we are in the middle of this NCAA mess, I'll take as much time as possible to get some players back and eligible for GT on Saturday. Word on the street (and by street, I mean the premium IC message boards) is 6-7 players are to be cleared this week. That would be AMAZING. Seriously. Shaun Draughn and Deunta were the first names I heard.

State won, Wake beat Duke and ECU beat Memphis.

In other news, the weather around Ral is absolutely gorg. After such a H-O-T summer, a high of 83 is absolutely welcome. Saturday Mom and I walked up to 5 points where they were having a little block party and did some shopping and got lunch. So much fun.

Last night I tried a new pizza place with friends. It was the perfect night to sit outside and enjoy a glass of vino.

Overall, it was a relaxing, excellent weekend. Time to start tailgate planning for Saturday. :) Have a great week y'all. Lovelovelove.

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