Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Review

A VICTORY! Saturday my (depleted) boys, beat Rutgers 17-13.  It wasn't pretty, but we'll take it. Thank goodness for Bruce Carter who blocked a key punt and got a huge interception. (and TJ, always thank goodness for TJ really.) Matt also got an INT which made my brother very happy! The fam came over to watch the game as their big screen died the night before! We had yummy food and cocktails and it was fun to host a little "game day" party.  Can't wait to have more of those in the new house.

The NCAA has made rulings on Deunta and Kendric... both of which we have appealed.  If the rulings stand, Deunta is out one more game (returning for Clemson) and Kendric is out two more (returning for Miami).  I'd LOVE to get one or both back for ECU this weekend.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Personally, I think both are a little harsh, but especially Deunta's.  Deunta went to CA to visit a former player (not an agent, not in any way affiliated with anything), paid for his own flight, hotel, etc.  The former player just paid for Deunta's ticket to Disneyland.  Now please, please tell me how a friend paying for another friend's ticket to an amusement park in CA relates to football at all.  I'd love to hear anyone's insights on that.

In sad news, the farmer that owns the real life Ramses fell off his tractor and is in critical condition.

In happy news, countdown to playing those dirty pirates is ON!

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