Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I had a pretty serious internal debate about posting my New Year's Resolutions on here. Part of me thinks it's a great idea - hello accountability - but the other part of me thinks some things are personal and I want to work on them without the whole world knowing about them (and because, as I mentioned earlier, some are weird and I don't want y'all to judge me super hard). In the end, I've decided on a compromise. I'm sharing most of them here with you, but will keep a few to myself.

  1. Stop coughing. Ok. I know that sounds so weird. But somewhere along the line, I've picked up this weird habit of coughing for no reason. I do it at specific times/places throughout the day. As soon as I mentioned this to MG and Lauren, they both immediately cited instances they've seen me do this. So if you see me coughing, tell me to stop! 
  2. Learn guitar. A long, long (long) time ago, I got an acoustic guitar for my birthday. I took a few lessons, but never really dedicated myself or practiced. Fourteen years later, said guitar is in the back of my closet. Thankfully, I have this really cool little brother who has been taking guitar (and drum, and piano -  yeah he's basically superkid!) lessons for over two years. Last night Nicholas P gave me my first guitar lesson! While there were lots of laughs at his rhythmically-challenged big sister, we had the best time. He printed out tabs and worksheets for me and I can now (sort of) play Ode to Joy. Can't wait to bust that one out at a party.
  3. Run. Self-explanatory.
  4. Be brave. There are so many little baby things that I get myself all worked up into an anxious little tizzy about that don't deserve that much of my time and energy. This year I want to be confident, brave and bold in my decisions.
  5. Worship more. I touched on this before and while my private spiritual time is one of my favorite times ever (hello, peace! nice to see you), I am looking forward to finding a community to worship with as well.
  6. Judge less. Self-explanatory. And totally necessary.
  7. Make new friends. When you've lived in the same city your whole life (minus my jaunt in heaven aka Chapel Hill only 30 minutes away), it's easy to get stuck. I am so blessed to have an amazing group of friends, many of whom I've had close to my whole life. Sometimes though, I know that because of that I don't make the effort I should to make new friends, especially girlfriends. That is one of my big goals this year. (So call me and let's plan a friend date!!)
What is your #1 resolution for this year? 

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