Monday, January 28, 2013

Charlotte, Train Disasters and Exciting News!

Happy Monday, y'all. We had some snow and ice at the end of last week and I was out of town for the weekend, so here are some updates.

1. I made this awesome creamy quinoa with sauteed veggies and andoiulle chicken sausage last week. I'm already planning on making it again this week.

2. My mom stumbled across this picture of my sweet baby boy, Tucker, as a baby. Try not to say "aww!"

3. Thursday was for hot yoga. My hair looks super cool after.

4. This weekend I headed to Charlotte to visit MG. I took the train which was fine on the way there. We'll get to the way back. Anyway, I was super proud that I fit a weekend's necessities into this bag.

5. Saturday before the Carolina vs. State game that I'm now pretending didn't happen, I found myself eating cheese and drinking wine. I am such a Carolina fan stereotype.

6. Post-game. The boys have this ridiculous group message (I swear, they text more than ANY girl I know) and they were all sending pictures after the game. They are all State fans. They all suck. We sent them this one in return.

7. The train ride home. Oh goodness. We left on time at 5:15 and were scheduled to get into Raleigh at 8:20. The train stopped at about 5:34. Not a scheduled stop. We eventually found out we hit a person and killed him. The police came and the power went out and it was all really unsettling. We made it to Raleigh at about 12:30. This was where we were for three plus hours.

And here is my face.

And here is the news article.

8. My best friend Emily was in town for an interview (more on that in a minute) and was scheduled to pick me up at 8:20. She toughed it out and picked me up at 12:30. Best friends are the best.

9. Emily's interview went so well and she was OFFERED THE JOB. She starts in exactly ONE WEEK! I can't believe that my best friend is finally moving South again. This is good for my soul and probably bad for our wine consumption/the city of Raleigh. Love you, Em!!

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