Monday, January 23, 2012

Triangle Restaurant Week - Restaurant #1 - Coquette

This morning when I mentioned TRW I didn't know I'd be partaking at lunch! What a treat!

Marcus and I met at Coquette, our local French brasserie, to enjoy a 3-course meal that has most definitely induced a post-lunch coma. Bring on the green tea!

We strategically ordered different menu items so we could try a little bit of each. Marcus started with the brie en croute and I had the white bean with smoked ham soup. Both were delicious. Y'all know I'm a sucker for cheese so I naturally adored MG's brie, but my soup was really good, especially when I got a bite with the crispy onion topping.

Next, Marcus had monkfish and I had a pork tenderloin baguette. I didn't try the fish (I don't do fish), but the pork tenderloin baguette was delicious - and huge! I could only eat half and had to doggy bag the rest.

Lastly, we finished the meal with a chocolate peanut butter pie (goodness gracious) and creme brulee. The chocolate peanut butter pie was out of this world and the creme brulee was traditional, but yummy.

It would have been the perfect lunch had I been able to indulge in a nice Savignon Blanc or glass of champagne, but I think it would have turned my post-lunch coma into a post-lunch nap!

All in all, a very successful start to Triangle Restaurant Week!

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