Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Morning Review

Oh, look! It's actually Monday morning and I'm posting a Monday Morning Review! What has gotten into me? (Yeah, I know, I shouldn't actually be celebrating this when I've missed over a week of blogging, but it's Monday and I'll take what I can get!)

Some updates.

The bball boys lost an awful, awful game last weekend at Florida State. We got absolutely destroyed and played terrible.

We followed it up with a good win at Virginia Tech Thursday. But the happiness was short lived as Dex tore his ACL. What a huge loss! We are really going to miss his explosiveness. Feel better, Dex.

Our next game is this Thursday, at home, against State. State's been playing well lately so it will be a big game for us, especially without Dex. I'm already starting my "Can't go to college, go to State!" cheers.

TJ lost a tough one against the Ravens last week, ending the Texans playoff run. The Ravens defense really got to Teej and he threw some interceptions and didn't look as steady or confident as usual. It was a sad end to an amazing season. TJ didn't dress out for 10 games of the season and then lead the Texans the furthest they've ever been as a franchise. I'm so proud of him. #Yatersgonnayate (Am I becoming a person that uses hashtags in real life? Yikes!)

In other news, it's Triangle Restaurant Week!!! For those of you living under a rock, TRW happens twice a year and different local restaurants feature three course lunch and dinner menus for 15, 20 or 30 dollars. I cannot wait. I want to try them all. I'll update soon.

I need some advice, dear friends! I'm going to Atlanta in March and want to know what I should do, where I should eat, etc. Any and all advice is welcome!

Thought for the day:
Have a great week, kiddos!

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