Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sports Update

The bball boys have started the ACC season 2-0!

Saturday, Dad and I went to a Coaches Circle party in the Blue Zone before we took on Boston College. We enjoyed barbecue biscuits, chips and dip and wine (for me) and Blue Moons (for Daddy). The most exciting part? We got to meet Coach Fedora! I literally stalked him around the party until he was forced to stick out his hand and meet me. I loved it! He gave a speech to the entire party that included the words,  "When we bring an ACC Championship to Chapel Hill" and "I'm Larry Fedora and I'm a Tar Heel."

You earned yourself some points with me there, Larry.

My dad had to go back to Raleigh so La met me and we went to the game. It got a little close in the second half, but for the most part, we dominated.

Tuesday night the boys took on Miami at home. It was a solid victory despite awful shooting. Kendall was our leading scorer, if that tells you anything. But I think it shows what this team is capable of, even on off nights.

Next up: Florida State at Florida State.

In other sports news, the Texans won their first playoff game on Saturday! TJ and his boys took down the Bengals and I don't think I've been so excited in a while. (Apologies to my best friend who lives in Cincinnati who may have received a few menacing phone calls from me. I'm new to this caring about the NFL thing, Em, but I love you!)

Next up: Baltimore Ravens at the Ravens, one of the top teams in the league. Yikes.

Do it, Teej!

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