Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Update

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was busy and AMAZING.

Wednesday night we had a party for one of my best friends' 26th birthdays. We had a blast dancing the night away to Lisa Loeb, Natalie Imbruglia and Sophie B Hawkins (90s party!). Thursday I headed to Jamestown with Mom to spend Thanksgiving with one side of my family. We had a blast. The day was filled with fried turkeys, wine and lots of joking around.

Friday Mom and I hit the road back to Raleigh early. I knew I was tired when I slept the entire ride home - I can never sleep in the car. That afternoon I went to my Dad's for Thanksgiving and another day filled with food, fun and family. Friday night my bball boys took on USC in a tournament in Las Vegas and won soundly.

Saturday my football boys took the field against the Dookies. Victory! It was a 3:30 game so we had a great tailgate prior including grilled steak, beans, broccoli salad, chips, cake batter blondies, etc. YUM! Because of the game time, we were also able to enjoy the most amazing sunset. This picture = my heaven.

Can someone please explain to my why blogger is rotating my pictures when they are saved in the correct way? Ughhh. I'll try to fix that later.

Saturday night the bball boys took on UNLV in Vegas and... lost. We did not play well at all. We have dropped from #1 to #5 and head into a tough week of games vs. Wisconsin and Kentucky. Hopefully we'll bounce back! 

Hope you all had a happy happy Holiday!

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