Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm back, for real real

If y'all have read the blog for any amount of time, you know I tend to have times where I don't post for a while, then declare I'm back, only to not post again for a while. Then one day comes when I post again regularly. I'm hoping this is that day. Sorry y'all!

My Heels are not doing too well on the football field. An ugly loss to State lead to a bye week. We take on Virginia Tech tonight (Thursday night game!) in Blacksburg. Tough task considering they are #8 in the country.

Other tidbits:

The bball boys are doing well and undefeated. We played our first game on a naval ship which was awe inspiring. I had chills the whole time.

Matt Schaub, the Texans starting QB, is out for the season. You know what that means! Wait, you don't? You're not a crazy TJ Yates fan like me? Well it means TJ Yates moved into the backup QB position behind a relatively weak Matt Leinhart. Let's do this Teej.

Two of my cousins are coming up this weekend to go to the Clemson State game. I absolutely cannot wait to host them and cheer for our Tigers! Any ideas on how to entertain a 19 and 14 year old?

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