Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Spirit!

I'm almost finished decorating for Christmas! I still need to decorate my Christmas tree and I'm waiting on some lights I ordered from Amazon to arrive to decorate my front porch (no outlets on front porch = need battery operated lights), but here are some shots! 

Last night, my brother had his first band concert at school. It was amazing and really got me in the Christmas spirit. It featured bands of all levels - from my Nicholas's beginning band to a wind ensemble. I don't think a big grin ever left my brother's face. He even got to do a little skit where he left during a song and pretended to read a magazine at the front of the stage. The band director stopped the music and asked if he was bored and needed more cowbell! Nicholas then went back and played cowbell for that song. It was too cute. At the end there was a sing-a-long of all the classic Christmas songs. I loved it!

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