Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Means Football

Okay, so of course it's not really fall here yet. But we have reduced our daily average temp to double digits instead of triple.

I love summer. Adore it. I love the (slight) tan my pale skin gets, I love long lake weekends, I love a hot car (I'm weird, I know), I love how laid back everything is.

But I'm in love with Carolina. And Carolina football makes my heart so happy. The fact that  I will be in Kenan Stadium in my football dress in exactly eight days sends my heart aflutter. Seriously y'all, I'm on a diet/workout regimen right now so I will look good in my football dress and can indulge at our tailgates (oh and boy do I indulge..).

College football is magical. You would think I'd be jaded after all of our NCAA issues of late, but I'm not. I know that most of those guys are good kids who love the game. And even the ones that made mistakes - I think if they were at any other school in the country they would have left for the NFL. But they loved Carolina so much, they stayed, and in turn made some mistakes. I don't love it, but I can forgive them for that.

"Meet the Heels Day" (aka the day last year when this little gem was taken and ended up in the Durham newspaper) was scheduled for tomorrow but silly Hurricane Irene has ruined the day and UNC has cancelled the event.

Just think Bryn, we could've taken a picture together and you could've ended up in the paper, too. :)

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