Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday (Close to) Morning Review

Oh goodness. Where to begin.  Well, the Heels pulled out a close one against Clemson this weekend. It was a beautiful day in which we enjoyed Tar Heel Town, the Old Well Walk and a tailgate.  The game was very close, but we came out on top 21-16, giving us a 3-2 record - which, all things considered I think is pretty good.

On Saturday right before the game they announced that Jonathan Smith would be out for the season (academic side of the probe) and that now Devon Ramsay was out as being possibly involved in one side or the other. That frightens me. Devon has played in all four games prior to Clemson, including two wins.  The NCAA could take away those wins because Devon played in them. I'll keep you updated.

Today UNC announced that Greg, Marvin and Robert Quinn were done for the season. Little and Quinn were declared ineligible by the NCAA and Marvin was dismissed by UNC. No word on sanctions yet.

The Heels (and I) are off to Charlottesville this weekend to take on UVA. We haven't won there in a bazillion years so a win would be huge.

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