Friday, August 6, 2010

The letter B

Lately I've seemed to have an affinity for the letter B. Seriously. I really want a Bike with a Basket that I can ride to my local Butcher -- this isn't a joke -- I really do. I also really want to go to Bickett Market, a new farmers market in town. And then there are the perpetual standbys - Boys (always frustrating, sometimes worth it) and Birthdays (never frustrating, always worth it). Just a random observation.

I'm off to the lake in about an hour for my birthday weekend. All the boys (see what I mean about these b words) are coming up too. I hope Daddy doesn't get too stressed. I am craving some sunshine, beach music, and yummy food and drink. The new job is great so far - and my main client starts with a B!

Happy Weekend y'all!

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