Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank you...

As I'm sitting here on my second to last day of work, so many thoughts are coming through my mind. I am going to my dream job, but it's so bittersweet. I wanted to do PR out of school, but now I see things have happened just how they should (haven't I learned this lesson yet?!?). Getting the job here has prepared me for this new PR job. I have learned SO much in my time here, both life lessons and career lessons. There is one lesson, however, that stands out above all of them. On that note, thank you SA, for teaching me:

OPENMINDEDNESS. I remember when I first started here, I was shocked. There were two of us from the South. The rest were from England, Italy, even... New York. Even though I've travelled all over the world, I have been in a certain environment most of my life. Broughton and Carolina are both very southern, old money schools. And because of my family, I've been surrounded by those type of people often. Before SA, I felt a certain superiority for being from this background. Not in a financial sense - just in a "I'm Southern, I'm better," sense. I often found myself not relating well to people not from this same type of environment. Now I realize it's because I didn't try to relate. While I will always be a proper Carolina girl who loves her mama and daddy, can't get enough bbq, appreciates wine and cheese, would do anything for her Tar Heels, and puts college football before most other things in her life, I've learned that different types of people are what make the world go round. I have met some of the most amazing people here - people I never thought I would be friends with that I now cannot imagine my life without. Now when I'm not cheering for my Heels, I'm cheering for Inter-Milan. Instead of fighting with the nearest Duke fan, I'm fighting with an Ohio State fan. Instead of a sandwich from the perpetually Southern classic Village Deli, I'm getting a turkey club (so much better than Village Deli's) from Meridian Cafe, a local cafe owned by a Greek family from Jersey. While this job has not made me so openminded as to like Durham, it has opened my eyes to the beauty of difference and for that, I am forever grateful.

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