Thursday, August 26, 2010

Single Digit Countdown: 9

We are now in the single digits for our countdown to football season, to the glorious day of Sept. 4 when my Heels take on the gross LSU Tigers in the Chick-fil-a Kickoff in ATL. I've decided for each of the nine days remaining, I will give a reason why I love Carolina football.

Reason #9: (I'll start with the most trivial.) Dresses.
Football is the only sport where it is perfectly acceptable to wear a dress to the game (at least at Carolina... I know some lesser schools that roll their eyes at the idea of dressing up to go to a football game, but that is why they are not among the top schools in the nation). I love the idea of the football game as a social event. One where everyone dresses up, makes tons of southern delicacies for the tailgate, drinks bourbon out of a flask, and then proceeds to cheer like heck for their team of choice. I love things that are perfectly southern and dressing up for football is one.

On a more personal, vain note, dresses look pretty good on me. I tend to live in them. I hate when the weather turns cold and I have to wear jeans out on the weekends. Most of the time, I just ignore the weather and wear dresses anyway.

This year I have a killer football dress. I mean, perfection. It is about knee length, completely Carolina blue, sleeveless, v-neck. Perfectly comfortable, perfectly classy. Thank you Brooks Brothers.

And thank you Carolina football for deeming it not only perfectly socially acceptable to wear dresses to football games, but smiling upon it. The world needs more people (...errr... things) like you. :)

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