Monday, April 28, 2014


It's been over two months. YIKES.

Let's start with a bulleted list of things that may or may not be noteworthy? Okay.

  1. I bought a house. YAY! I've been in it a little over a week and it's perfect and I'm in love. All my money that used to go to clothes is going to house stuff. It's magical.
  2. House buying is quite the process, y'all. So much paperwork! But totally worth it. Thank goodness for my mama throughout it all.
  3. Carolina lost in the second round of the NCAA tournament.
  4. James Michael McAdoo is going to the NBA. That one surprised me.
  5. Marcus Paige is staying. He's so great. Like, who I want people to think of when they think about student athletes at Carolina. 
  6. Watch this and love my sweet school like I do.
  7. Yesterday my brother played a live guitar show at Brighton Gardens (the assisted living facility where my grandmother, Po, lives.) It was adorable.
  8. Also, at said show, I discovered that Po is quite the hot commodity at Brighton Gardens. That doesn't really shock me (she looks amazing for her age and is super social), but it was fun to see.
  9. I've started using wrinkle cream because I'm getting old. And I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to get my hair colored soon. More grays keep popping up. 
Be back with more soon!!

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