Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MIA once again, I know, and this won't change much but I want to get it down for posterity's sake. Last week's home win against Duke (that was delayed a week because of snow) might have been one of my two favorite nights in the Dean Dome ever. The night started with my dad and I going to Bin 54. It was such a Carolina stereotype in the best way possible. So much wine, cheese, fans dressed in fancy clothes... I loved it. (We did nothing to help the stereotype with prosecco, a delish pinot and a cheese plate).

Yes, there have been more important Carolina Duke games and yes, there have been better Carolina teams, but after a turbulent start to the season those boys seemed to finally be having fun. I've never heard the Dean Dome that loud in my life. Ever. The Dean Dome shook. The "wine and cheese crowd" stood the entire time. I cried at the beginning (basketball girl, I guess) and cried at the end. Everyone stormed the court in pure, unadulterated joy. It was perfect. I don't ever want to forget that night or that feeling.

(My other best night in the Dean Dome? My freshman year watching the Heels win the National Championship on the big screen with all my fellow students before rushing Franklin.)

This is why I love sports. I hadn't felt that in a while and it was magical. Go HEELS!

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