Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I was in denial...

A quick Dook recap, since I've been in denial until this post.

Daddy and I got over to Chapel Hill early and hit up Spice Street for a drink before dinner at Weathervane. We saw a lot of people we knew and Chapel Hill was buzzing with excitement. I love it when it's like that.

Weathervane was delicious! It was half-price bottle of wine night so we enjoyed a nice sauvinon blanc. We shared an an appetizer of pimento cheese fritters. I wish I could explain to you how delicious these were. They were like deep-fried, but not greasy, gooey bites of love. Like, legit, I'd eat them for ever meal if they wouldn't make me blow up like a whale.

Daddy had the steak frites, the blue cheese bacon butter on the steak was especially amazing, and I had short rib ragout, which was mouth-wateringly tender. We split a HUGE piece of chocolate peanut butter cake for dessert.

In a word, YUM.

We got over to the Dean Dome and in our seats for what is always one of the highlights of my year. If you've never been to Carolina for a Carolina-Dook game, it's extremely different than any other game. The words "wine and cheese" would never be used to describe us on Carolina-Dook game night. We're loud, the players are pumped and I usually shed a tear during warm-ups. That's the moment when I remember I am, at heart, a basketball girl.

The game was close and intense throughout like most Carolina-Dook games are. We took a twelve point lead in the second half and things looked good. Things looked good until about four minutes left in the game, when it looked like we were playing not to lose. We were up two with just a few seconds left in the game when at the buzzer, Austin Rivers hit a three to win the game 85-84. It was awful. It was by far the most devastating Carolina-Dook game I've ever attended. Everyone was stunned. I've never heard the Dean Dome so quiet or seen this team's faces so upset.

Here's to using that as motivation to KILL them at Cameron.

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