Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fashion Fix: Football Dress Dilemma

Are y'all counting down every hour, minute and second to your team's kick off this weekend (or maybe even tonight for a few schools)? I know I am.  I'll have the first edition of Tailgate Treats later today, but first, to more pressing matters - which football dress to wear?!

There are four options and I'd love your vote.

1) Okay, here is the original football dress (that's me, on the right). I realize this picture doesn't show the full dress, but it's a very simple, Carolina blue v-neck dress from Brooks Brothers that falls about at my knee. It is very classic and fits-like-a-glove. Also, please ignore the tower of cups in this picture. 

2) The second option is this Needham Lane dress that Mom got me for an Easter present. This one incorporates white as well. (And yes, that is a gorgeous model, not me, but you get the idea.)

3) The third option is a bit more casual and flowy. This came from one of my favorite online retailers, Vestique.

4) Okay, the 4th option isn't really an option yet, because it hasn't been posted. This one is also from Vestique and their blog says it will be up tomorrow - I will be checking their site religiously until it comes up. I'm absolutely in love. 

Please weigh in on your favorite. This is a VERY important decision - as I've told y'all many times - what you wear to a game really does affect the outcome!

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