Monday, May 9, 2011

Thanks Mom :)

I realize this is late, but I spent the weekend at the beach with my mom, so I think she'll forgive me if this post is a day tardy.

You know those things you don't realize until your older? Like the fact that bangs are generally a bad idea, middle parts only work if you have a professional hair stylist, cheap liquor is not your friend and nothing beats a quiet night at home with your head in a book and your face covered in a thick, night cream? Well, I think how great moms are is another one of those things.

Sure you love your mom and depend on her for everything (literally) when you're young, but there are just some things that you learn to appreciate as an adult.

My mom sacrificed a lot for me when I was young, but I had no idea. She never complained, I never went without and she always had a smile on her face. She let me make "cakes" (concoctions of whatever I wanted to mix together from the spice cabinet, refrigerator and pantry) when money was tight, she played with me every afternoon after a long tiring day in the office and she made me the center of her universe day in and day out. That is an amazing mom.

My mom is everything I want to be when I grow up (I've pushed my official grown-up start date back to 30...). She is beautiful. She is smart (so incredibly smart). She is kind. She is gracious. She is fun. I hope one day I'm half the mom to little Leighton and Campbell (my latest future kids' names - unisex) that she has been and continues to be to me.

Even as an adult, I've relied on my mom. I've probably relied on her more as an adult. I seek her wisdom and counsel and know I can go to her without fear of judgment. She is amazing.

Thank you mom for being my guiding light, my role model, my inspiration and my best friend. I love you very much. :)

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