Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Currently Craving...

I'm having some weird cravings today. Normally I don't share my cravings because I feel like it makes me sound ungrateful. How can I want things when I have this ridiculously rich and amazing life? But these are silly things and I acknowledge how incredibly blessed I am, so why not?

A Turkey Club from Cafe Meridian. Seriously, this is the best thing about Durham. I could eat this sandwich every day of my life. Yummy turkey,  TONS of bacon, swiss, dijonaise on toasted bread...perfection. There are few things I miss about the Dirty D. This is definitely one of them. Too bad it would take me my whole lunch break to drive there and back.

A run. Now this is weird for me. I don't really like running. At least that's what I think. But I'm competitive. Super competitive. And I ran a 5k the other day and all I could think was, "I want to do this again immediately. I want to train and beat my time." Runs also make me feel detoxified and healthy which is something I need right now.

 Los Angeles (and surrounding areas). I read a blog this morning that included pictures of LA and I was immediately filled with nostalgia. It's funny. I've been so blessed to have a wonderful family that has allowed me to travel since I was young. They've taken me all over Europe and America, I've eaten at the best restaurants and had the best wines. But LA represents something completely different to me. I traveled to LA twice the summer after I graduated from college. My boyfriend at the time had moved there for an internship. I had no money, but I knew I had to get out there so I did odd jobs to get money. I babysat, I (gasp!) cleaned floors, I organized the pantry... anything I could do to get money. I was young and in love and counted down the days to see my best friend. Once there I barely had any money to do anything. But it didn't matter. We drove around and I immediately fell in love with the scenery - everything from the laid back beaches to the ridiculous night life. We didn't have money for fancy restaurants so we'd sit on the couch in our hotel room and eat cheese and crackers and sip rum and diet cokes. I have never been so poor or so happy.

Relaxation Station. Lucky for me I get to fill this craving in about 48 hours. The relaxation station is basically the greatest invention ever invented. You get to relax all day, drink beer (normally I'm not a beer drinker, but lake/ocean beers are totes a different story) and forget that you have a life other than that. Perfection.
Basketball. I played basketball for 13 years. I have never been particularly athletic and basketball was something I knew how to do. I was never great, but I was always an important part of my team. I miss the confidence that gave me. I miss the competitiveness of basketball. I miss hanging out with my teammates.

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