Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fashion Fix: New Football Dress

Eeeeek, y'all! Most of you know that not only do I love a good football dress, but that I also think a good football dress plays a crucial role in what kind of season your football team will have. Last year, I had the perfect football dress. It got us to a bowl game, which we won, despite losing 13 players. I'll take it. 

In all honesty, I was perfectly content to keep the same football dress this year. It did well last season, it's the perfect shade of Carolina blue and it fits like a glove. Yes, I was perfectly content until I was pajama shopping at Needham Lane and found this little baby.
Are you in love? The picture does not do it justice. I quickly ordered one (thanks Mom, for the Easter present!) and it arrived yesterday. It is fabulous. I tried it on and danced around the house pretending I was sipping champy at a tailgate and listening to "Carolina Girls" before walking into Kenan and watching TJ throw for a touchdown. Only four months to wait...

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