Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NIT Update

That's right... the Heels are in the NIT. We were considered "on the bubble" for the NIT, but somehow managed a 4 seed with the worst record in the tournament. I guess that's what the letters "NC" stamped on your chest get you -- and I don't mind.

We are currently in the "elite 8." We have won two tight games, the first over William and Mary, the second over the #1 ranked Missisippi State. The second was won with 2 seconds left with a left handed layup over the nation's #1 shotblocker. Guess who scored the layup? That's right... none other than my baby LD. :)

I honestly have never been so excited about the NIT. I cried when he scored. Cried. At the NIT. I continued to cry when I saw the first smile I've seen on his face in months. And when he looked playfully into the camera and said, "Hi mom!"... well game over.

Larry Drew represents a microcosm of the Tarheels this year. Talented, but often struggling, and always criticized. So to see him smile on Saturday, and to see the Heels look a bit cohesive, it chokes me up a little bit.

Tonight we play #2 UAB at 9pm. LET'S GO HEELS!!!
*Disclaimer: I know this picture is from high school. But look how happy he is? I like to think he was this happy after his game-winning basket on Saturday.

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