Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Last Night's Run

(Yes, I'm totally ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged in two months. It was summer and I imagine y'all were on fabulous tropical vacations or grilling out and sipping champs and doing lots of things better than missing this blog.)

EEEEK. I've said it before - good runs are so good and bad runs are so bad. Last night I had a good run and it was so SO good. I've only been running a couple of times a week lately (on a good week) - usually a 2-miler and a 3-miler. I've been able to get to more Pilates classes (which y'all know I'm obsessed with) so my running has suffered.

Last night mom and I set out on a run and it wasn't 100000000 degrees or 100000000 percent humidity. It was actually pretty nice and I felt strong. So strong in fact that when it came time to turn off the greenway to head back home and wrap up a nice 3-mile run, I asked if we could keep going. My mom's a beast and runs five miles on the reg, so of course, she was game. We did four miles at a super fast pace (for us) and I felt great. I came home and felt on top of the world.

Runners' high is a real thing y'all and it's the best feeling ever.

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