Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Photo bomb!

What are these square shaped things that aren't text? Pictures?? You haven't seen those in a while, huh? Here's a random assortment of pictures from the last a few months - the time when calories don't exist.

A group of us at The Station for drinks!

Best nap ever. Raleigh on left, Hobbes on right.

Thanksgiving morning Pilates with mimosas!

Thanksgiving with the brother!

Me, Aunt Jodi, Po, Nikki (and sweet Reese in her belly)

Me and the mom-to-be

Cast iron deep dish

My amazing discovery at Target

Baby Nins!

A moment of love


Santa Hobbes

Cheers-ing on Christmas Eve with Mom in our awesome cups

Bowl game outfit!

Victory walk before the bowl game (which we won!)

Snuggles with Hobbesy

With MG at Ry and Micaela's Christmas party

And I'll leave you with the most epic pork belly fried green tomato BLT there ever was. Bam.

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