Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Night Running...and Catching Up

First things first, I know I was MIA. I would apologize, but I know it will happen again because life happens and then I'm just silly saying sorry 50 times. So anyway, I'm back.

I'll catch you up on the past couple of weeks with some pictures, but first, I'd like to mention something magical that I experienced last night! Night running! My mom and I make a habit of running most Monday and Wednesdays after work on the greenway close to her house. It's flat, safe, filled with friendly faces and easy to mark distance. But now it's dark out at 5:30 and there are no lights on the greenway, so we've decided to run through the neighborhood. Mom got us some reflective gear, so we are looking super sporty.

We strapped these babies are on our arms and went out for a two mile run. I was a little nervous. I hadn't run in over a week (my best friend was in town) and I was nervous about the dark and not having perfectly marked and flat trails ahead. But it was AWESOME. Somehow the new route energized me and it was a great run. I hadn't had one of those runs that makes you remember that you actually like running in a long time and I had that last night and it was amazing.

Ok. Now some catch up pics! This is gonna be lengthy, so grab a coffee and relax.
Sangria for a Saturday night with the girls

Nachos at a new restaurant, Yardhouse

Always dressing. Never stuffing. 

I don't know why this makes me laugh so hard.

Delish local beer. I'm not big on pumpkiny/fall flavors (I know, please don't shoot me), but this was awesome.

MG and I at Busy Bee.

Joe and I at Busy Bee.

Nicholas and I at the fair! 

Chris and MG

A new purse the fam brought back from NYC. Oh and Justin Walker in the background. Typical

I was having a good hair day. 

Tailgate treats: deep-fried ricotta sage meatballs.

Tailgate treats: sour cream and chive biscuits with brown sugar butter country ham

My heart.

Daddy and I watching the boys beat State!

TJ Yates and I. BFFs.

Mom didn't buy my 'TJ and I are bffs' act.

Lauren with baby Austin!

Painted pumpkin. 

Cross between black swan and princess for Halloween. Too bad I barely had any trick or treaters!

Throwback picture with Em! She came to visit last week and had a couple of interviews down here!

Homemade sage, ricotta, salami, caramelized onion pizza. AKA all of this will go bad soon so let's throw it on a pizza, pizza.

The holidays are here!

TO, Em and I

Po came to the Georgia Tech game! Here we are tailgating.

I needed this today. Perfect.

Tip: After painting, just throw the brush away, don't try to clean it. I would much rather spend $4.00 on a new one than scrub away half of my skin and still have my nails look like this.
What's new with y'all?!

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