Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Morning Review

It's been a while since one of these, huh? I feel like my blog has gotten a lot less organized over the past few months, but I think that's okay. I think that's okay because sometimes I was doing things like "Monday Morning Review" just because it was Monday and I had to. Not because I wanted to or felt like writing or had anything good to share. So maybe we can file this one under Sorry I'm Not Sorry?

Anyway, the weekend was a good one - low key and relaxed. Friday night I did a whole lot of nothing, including SVU reruns and laying on the couch. Saturday I went to Costco (love that place) and got a whole bunch of necessites for mom and I to split. Then we walked up to North Hills and had a beer. I headed home to watch my Heels play Miami and we got the W! It was a really intense game. We played well, but had way too many turnovers. Gio is from Miami and he played incredibly well.

Saturday night I made sangria and Lauren, Meghan and Caroline came over. Then I went to bed because obviously I can't have too much stimulation in one day. Yesterday was for hanging out with Marcus and friends, visiting a new restaurant (Yard House at North Hills - really fun) and afternoon naps - in other words, a perfect Sunday.

It's a gloomy Monday here, so I'm just trying to pound out some work. Looking forward to meeting up with Lauren and Sluss tonight to celebrate Sluss' bday.

How was your weekend?

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