Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday (I give up) Morning Review

Saturday the Heels took on ECU in Greenville. Other than Georgia Tech, this game was considered our toughest test to date - and we owned it!

Well, I should clarify. We owned the first half. Like seriously, dominated. The second half, not so much. But it was enough to give us the 35-20 win over those dirty Pirates and that, my friends, I will gladly take.

Our game was at 8 and I decided not to make the trip to Greenville because 1) Greenville is gross and 2) Greenville can be scary in a heated rivalry game, especially at night. Instead, I headed to the State game at 3:30 to tailgate and play with friends. We had a blast - and the Pack lost - perfect! We all then headed back to my place where I jumped up and down obnoxiously with every play while the State boys drank away their 2-3 sorrows.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday! We had dinner at Ruth's Chris and I gave her this little baby:

At dinner, I was reminded how much I admire my mom. She has figured out how to have it all. She is the perfect combination of strong, opinionated, compassionate, loving and kind. If everyone had what she has, the world would be a much smarter and kinder place. I love you, Mom!

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