Monday, April 30, 2012

It's In My Blood

Sorry I've been :MIA for the past week. To make a long story short (and less disgusting) I had cyst (totally nothing to worry about - just painful) removed from my leg last week. After some not so successful procedures (again, sparing you the gross details), Friday the doctor made a one inch incision and removed it. Goodness gracious, that was painful. But I'm on the road to recovery and all is well. 

I have learned a few things from this past week though.

1. We take our health for granted. I spent all weekend in bed, sore, tired and doped up on antibiotics and pain pills. I couldn't wait to get out of bed and come to work today.

2. Running is in my blood. I never (ever) thought I'd say that, but all week the one thing I missed most was running.  I need to remember this on the days I don't feel like running.

3. I like being active much more than being sedentary. Sure, laying around all weekend sounds nice, but I definitely craved sunshine, interaction and fun. I need to remember this when I feel like I've taken on too much. 

4. My doctor is awesome. That really doesn't have anything to do with the price of tea in China as a life lesson, but it's true.

I have a follow-up appointment in just a few minutes. Fingers crossed I can lace up my running shoes again soon!


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