Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Expectancy v Expectation

I was reading The Shack last night (again, I know) and I was particulary struck by a discussion of expectancy versus expectation. The excerpt was specifically in reference to friendship and how when we put expectations upon one another, we begin to live in the "noun" format, with laws and rules. When we live in expectancy, however, we are in the "verb" format, in a dynamic relationship that can grow and change without expecation and law being placed upon it.

Whoa... I LOVE THAT. I can think of several friendships I place expectation upon. I only end up disappointed and the person had no idea he was even doing anything wrong! I must must must learn to live in the verb format. In expectancy.

If I could make every student coming into college read a book, it would be the Shack. (I know that would never fly, but it would be sooo much better than whatever book I had to read about the army...)

Love and relationship over power and hierarchy. Expectancy not expecatation.



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